Tuesday, April 03, 2007

3 Fundamentals of any Good Belly Fat Loss Plan

No matter which type of belly fat loss plan you choose, be sure to keep these "fundamentals" in mind at all times...

Smart Eating

No matter what the so-called experts and book marketers say, there is no single best diet for losing belly fat. Everyone is different, with different body types, different body chemistries, and different personalities. The diet that your best friend used to slim down and lose 10 pounds before her wedding won't necessarily work for you. Above all, you must find a healthy, well-rounded diet or "eating system" that works well for you and that you can stick with long enough to see good results.

Effective Exercise

It's mind-blowing how many myths exist about which types of exercise are best for losing body fat. Here are a few things that definitely don't work very well:
  • performing hours of "long and slow" cardio training, including treadmill running and stationary bike riding
  • doing hundreds of crunches -- or any other "ab" exercise -- every day of the week
  • using some type of "infomercial" fitness gadget in the belief that it will melt your belly fat and give you perfect abs
If you really want to slim down, tone up, look better, and feel great you need to learn which forms of exercise are the most efficient. Why? Because "efficient" exercise is almost always the best way to burn fat and improve your overall health and fitness.

Proven "Fat-Loss" Supplements

When it comes to fat burners and other dietary supplements, it's very easy to become confused and/or fall for the marketing hype that surrounds many products. One thing's for sure though: even the best fat loss supplements only give you a slight boost in energy, metabolism and/or appetite control. And, unfortunately, many products are basically worthless. Some are even more than a little dangerous. That said, there are a few "foundation" nutritional supplements that can definitely help you achieve your health and fitness goals in less time, while protecting you from disease over the long term.

The "Secret" is the Combination

It's the combination of all of the things mentioned above -- smart dieting, efficient exercise, and effective supplementation -- that is the real "secret" to losing belly fat and getting fit fast. The combination is also a heck of a lot safer and healthier than putting your hopes in some extreme fad diet, infomercial ab gadget, or dangerous and unproven fat-burning pill!

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